Dissertation writing help

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Familiarity with the literature published on the topic of the thesis begins with the development of the research concept, which is reflected in the work plan and the research topic. Due to this, there is an opportunity to conduct a more purposeful search for sources and to think more deeply about the material found.

It is necessary to make a card file (or a list) of all literary sources and regularly supplement it. If the data is correct, even with a brief overview of the source names, you can cover a common topic and clarify the goals.

The extent of the current level of elaboration of the problem is most easily identified by reading the informational publications, whose work aims to provide the reader with operational information about books and the essential aspects of their content. In contrast to bibliographic, this type of publications equally operates with facts enclosed in printed works and general information. Also, along with the efficiency, the advantages of such publications are the complete coverage of the sources, the novelty and the availability of a reference structure, thanks to which the necessary materials can be easily found and systematized. While bibliographic indications are, most often, of a signal nature, publications of the abstract type contain publications of abstracts with an abbreviated description of the content of primary documents and actual conclusions and information. Such publications include abstract collections, journals, fact sheets and specific information. When searching for sources, particular attention should be paid to publications of the All-Russian Book Chamber, which publishes bibliographic indexes. Also, databases and data banks, as well as automated search and information systems, will be useful.

The dissertation is assessed not only by the criteria of theoretical scientific value and the applied value of the results it contains but also by the level of general preparation of scientific work, including its design and the presence of necessary structural elements.

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