Dissertation example

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To get a science degree, a person must publicly defend his dissertation. And this thesis, except for the other requirements that are set upon, have a reasonable apparent structure that must be protected. Let’s take care of it.

The introduction usually takes about five to ten pages. Introduction and conclusion are best written after the end of the central parts. First of all, it’s easy because everything that is at the top is finally solved. Secondly, many readers will judge your job correctly because of the conclusion. In addition, the well-written introduction and conclusion will greatly contribute to your work abstract writing because they will be completely and virtually unchanged.

The head part

The central part has three parts. Their alleged content is as follows:

  • First part. Critical analysis of the situation as a result of research (including literary sources).
  • The second part tells about new decisions based on previous analysis by the author of the research.
  • The third part tells us about the results of the decisions taken in this Chapter and their critical assessment.
  • Some conclusions should be made to summarize what the thesis is in short form.


In the end, the results are summarized, and the core results achieved in the course of writing.

Bibliographic list

It can be done differently in accordance with the requirements of the Department of a specific educational institution. It is usually called “bibliography” or “references”.

It should be noted that such a part as a thesis should have a clear structure. But there is still some individual freedom. The main thing is that the structure of the work allows the most logical and consistently to reveal the essence of the study. The volume can also be very different. It is clear that humanitarian works usually take up more pages than technical ones, but this is also an applicable rule. Conciseness is valued more than verbosity. A well-written introduction and conclusion will significantly facilitate your work on writing the abstract, as they will go there completely and practically unchanged. If you adhere to our recomendations, your dissertation will be perfect.