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The thesis is a qualification work, which is completed scientific research; it must fully reflect the academic potential of the author, his ability to interpret various theories and concepts, the ability to creatively comprehend the material being analyzed, the level of knowledge of specialized terminology. PhD thesis demonstrates the author’s experience in the application of scientific techniques and methods that are used in the field of applied and basic sciences and in understanding the application in practice of pedagogical knowledge. This article provides a summary of how to write a dissertation.

The specificity of the thesis as a scientific work is that it is created for public defence and, if successful, for obtaining a scientific degree. The content of the argument should consist of unique and unique information; not just from the description of scientific facts, but from a thorough, detailed analysis of these facts, consideration by examples of typical situations of their existence, discussion of the available alternatives and the reasons for choosing certain specific conclusions. Writing a dissertation excludes an individual approach to the facts under study, while it is entirely acceptable that some subjective moments can be brought in by the author’s creative personality, his personal experience, preferences, attitudes, and the historical, economic, social conditions in which the dissertation was prepared.

It all starts with the choice of a topic on which, subsequently, the author is to conduct in-depth scientific research. Choosing an item for a thesis, one should take into account the total length of service in a particular field of knowledge, the experience of speaking at conferences, the profile of publications in scientific journals; It is important to set ourselves a narrow-level task to work it out as deep as possible.

Writing a PhD thesis is hardly possible without a plan. A work plan should be developed, which is a kind of scheme according to which the research will be carried out. This scheme will allow the author to present a draft problem in a variety of ways to the author, which will significantly facilitate the assessment of the overall rubrication and composition of the thesis being created. In general terms, the plan, initially, will describe the subject of study, in the future, it should be supplemented and refined. The main task that the author will set himself should not be corrected.