Descriptive essay examples

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The essay should provide detailed descriptions and real tangible details. A descriptive essay can be homework or a desire to try your hand in a small literary form. First, you need to think about the topic and make a plan for the composition. Then write an exciting start to get the attention of the reader.

One of the possible topics for the exposition essay is a person who evokes certain feelings. Describe your mentor, friend, father or loved one. For example, choose a very close person who was next to you during the formation of the personality (mom or dad). Describe a person with whom you are not familiar, but take a great interest in his personal qualities or achievements (favorite football player). In a descriptive essay for a university, you can talk about a person who has become your role model or mentor. Be sure to point out why this is so important to you, and you learned through this person.

Select an item. An essential or valuable topic for you is another suitable topic for a descriptive essay. Write about the problem from childhood or adolescence and describe your favorite or non-love problem. Report the intangible value of the selected item or the critical personal value. For example, choose your favorite children’s toy as an essay topic. Describe this toy. Share what she had for you as a child.

Choose a place. Use a meaningful or substantive position as a topic. This may be your hometown, bedroom, favorite corner of the school. You can also write about the perfect home or the edge of the world that you want to visit. For example, choose a place you have ever been to. Describe your feelings in this place and the mood that arises there.

Select an event. Choose a meaningful event and turn it into a topic for your essay. This event could have happened recently or many years ago. Write about a case that has affected you, or have changed your views. For example, describe your hospital visit for your loved one or your first meeting with a friend.