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Familiarity with the literature published on the topic of the thesis begins with the development of the research concept, which is reflected in the work plan and the research topic. Due to this, there is an opportunity to conduct a more purposeful search for sources and to think more deeply about the material found.

It is necessary to make a card file (or a list) of all literary sources and regularly supplement it. If the data is correct, even with a brief overview of the source names, you can cover a common topic and clarify the goals.

The extent of the current level of elaboration of the problem is most easily identified by reading the informational publications, whose work aims to provide the reader with operational information about books and the essential aspects of their content. In contrast to bibliographic, this type of publications equally operates with facts enclosed in printed works and general information. Also, along with the efficiency, the advantages of such publications are the complete coverage of the sources, the novelty and the availability of a reference structure, thanks to which the necessary materials can be easily found and systematized. While bibliographic indications are, most often, of a signal nature, publications of the abstract type contain publications of abstracts with an abbreviated description of the content of primary documents and actual conclusions and information. Such publications include abstract collections, journals, fact sheets and specific information. When searching for sources, particular attention should be paid to publications of the All-Russian Book Chamber, which publishes bibliographic indexes. Also, databases and data banks, as well as automated search and information systems, will be useful.

The dissertation is assessed not only by the criteria of theoretical scientific value and the applied value of the results it contains but also by the level of general preparation of scientific work, including its design and the presence of necessary structural elements.

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Dissertation example

To get a science degree, a person must publicly defend his dissertation. And this thesis, except for the other requirements that are set upon, have a reasonable apparent structure that must be protected. Let’s take care of it.

The introduction usually takes about five to ten pages. Introduction and conclusion are best written after the end of the central parts. First of all, it’s easy because everything that is at the top is finally solved. Secondly, many readers will judge your job correctly because of the conclusion. In addition, the well-written introduction and conclusion will greatly contribute to your work abstract writing because they will be completely and virtually unchanged.

The head part

The central part has three parts. Their alleged content is as follows:

  • First part. Critical analysis of the situation as a result of research (including literary sources).
  • The second part tells about new decisions based on previous analysis by the author of the research.
  • The third part tells us about the results of the decisions taken in this Chapter and their critical assessment.
  • Some conclusions should be made to summarize what the thesis is in short form.


In the end, the results are summarized, and the core results achieved in the course of writing.

Bibliographic list

It can be done differently in accordance with the requirements of the Department of a specific educational institution. It is usually called “bibliography” or “references”.

It should be noted that such a part as a thesis should have a clear structure. But there is still some individual freedom. The main thing is that the structure of the work allows the most logical and consistently to reveal the essence of the study. The volume can also be very different. It is clear that humanitarian works usually take up more pages than technical ones, but this is also an applicable rule. Conciseness is valued more than verbosity. A well-written introduction and conclusion will significantly facilitate your work on writing the abstract, as they will go there completely and practically unchanged. If you adhere to our recomendations, your dissertation will be perfect.

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The thesis is a qualification work, which is completed scientific research; it must fully reflect the academic potential of the author, his ability to interpret various theories and concepts, the ability to creatively comprehend the material being analyzed, the level of knowledge of specialized terminology. PhD thesis demonstrates the author’s experience in the application of scientific techniques and methods that are used in the field of applied and basic sciences and in understanding the application in practice of pedagogical knowledge. This article provides a summary of how to write a dissertation.

The specificity of the thesis as a scientific work is that it is created for public defence and, if successful, for obtaining a scientific degree. The content of the argument should consist of unique and unique information; not just from the description of scientific facts, but from a thorough, detailed analysis of these facts, consideration by examples of typical situations of their existence, discussion of the available alternatives and the reasons for choosing certain specific conclusions. Writing a dissertation excludes an individual approach to the facts under study, while it is entirely acceptable that some subjective moments can be brought in by the author’s creative personality, his personal experience, preferences, attitudes, and the historical, economic, social conditions in which the dissertation was prepared.

It all starts with the choice of a topic on which, subsequently, the author is to conduct in-depth scientific research. Choosing an item for a thesis, one should take into account the total length of service in a particular field of knowledge, the experience of speaking at conferences, the profile of publications in scientific journals; It is important to set ourselves a narrow-level task to work it out as deep as possible.

Writing a PhD thesis is hardly possible without a plan. A work plan should be developed, which is a kind of scheme according to which the research will be carried out. This scheme will allow the author to present a draft problem in a variety of ways to the author, which will significantly facilitate the assessment of the overall rubrication and composition of the thesis being created. In general terms, the plan, initially, will describe the subject of study, in the future, it should be supplemented and refined. The main task that the author will set himself should not be corrected.

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The thesis should contain the conclusions and main ideas of the argument, an indication of the author’s contribution to scientific activities, the level of novelty of his research and the prospects for the practical application of the applicant’s developments. Below you will find information on how to write dissertation.

Some tips

Abstracts should be written with an emphasis on the dissertation council. Find on the official website of the university or ask in the department where you can find an abstract written in your specialty and accepted by the dissertation council. He will consider your work. Given the characteristics of a successful example, make a summary. Abstract written for a particular passport specialty. Use the exact wording of this passport to ensure that both the thesis and the work meet the requirements specified in it. Less than 40 people will read your abstract, and the dissertation is considered in detail by a maximum of five teachers. This means that it is important to build an abstraction with extreme scrupulousness, and you just have to make it perfect.

The structure

1. The prologue contains a general description of the work with the rationale for the novelty and relevance of the study, the history of the author’s personal contribution to the study of the problem, the formulation of the subject and object of study. In the first part, it is necessary to clearly formulate and specify the goals and objectives of the thesis.

2. The main part reveals the essence of the thesis: research approaches and methods, main stages of work, applied methodology, describes the structure and scope of argumentation, as well as conclusions. Objective, accurate data should confirm any findings. Any assumptions and theories should be highlighted, indicating that this is only an assumption.

3. The last part consists of a bibliographic list of publications of the author of the author’s abstract. The list must be issued in accordance with the rules. All specified publications should concern exclusively on the dissertation topic.

If you follow this structure, then your work will be perfect and you get the best grade.

Descriptive essay examples

The essay should provide detailed descriptions and real tangible details. A descriptive essay can be homework or a desire to try your hand in a small literary form. First, you need to think about the topic and make a plan for the composition. Then write an exciting start to get the attention of the reader.

One of the possible topics for the exposition essay is a person who evokes certain feelings. Describe your mentor, friend, father or loved one. For example, choose a very close person who was next to you during the formation of the personality (mom or dad). Describe a person with whom you are not familiar, but take a great interest in his personal qualities or achievements (favorite football player). In a descriptive essay for a university, you can talk about a person who has become your role model or mentor. Be sure to point out why this is so important to you, and you learned through this person.

Select an item. An essential or valuable topic for you is another suitable topic for a descriptive essay. Write about the problem from childhood or adolescence and describe your favorite or non-love problem. Report the intangible value of the selected item or the critical personal value. For example, choose your favorite children’s toy as an essay topic. Describe this toy. Share what she had for you as a child.

Choose a place. Use a meaningful or substantive position as a topic. This may be your hometown, bedroom, favorite corner of the school. You can also write about the perfect home or the edge of the world that you want to visit. For example, choose a place you have ever been to. Describe your feelings in this place and the mood that arises there.

Select an event. Choose a meaningful event and turn it into a topic for your essay. This event could have happened recently or many years ago. Write about a case that has affected you, or have changed your views. For example, describe your hospital visit for your loved one or your first meeting with a friend.